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Pair of Neuman Bills Signed Into law (HB24 and HB33)


Governor signs Stand Your Ground and Knife Rights Act

Thursday, June 20, 2013, Palmer, Alaska – Representative Mark Neuman, R-Su-Valley, released the following statement today after Governor Parnell signed his House Bill 24 and HB 33 into law. HB 24 amends state law to allow a person to use lethal force in self-defense in any place they have a legal right to be, and HB 33 makes one-handed and gravity knives legal to own and manufacture in Alaska.

“It’s a good day in Alaska! We now have clearer and more empowering self-defense laws and ensured for Alaskans who work in the trades, hunt, or fish legal protection to use their tools without fear of them being confiscated. We’ve worked hard over the past couple of years to put these protections in place, and I am thankful to the Governor and my fellow legislators for helping us get to this point. We were able to work together, with state agencies, stakeholders, and other legislators to clarify and protect the rights of all Alaskans."

HB 24 and HB 33 take effect Sept. 18.

For more information on HB 24, go here. For HB 33, go here

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