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News from North America Outdoor Institute-- June 2013


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North America Outdoor Institute Newsletter
June 2013
NAOI Summer training

Summer has finally arrived in Alaska and NAOI has lots of exciting outdoor programs on tap.  From youth camps to outdoor specific workshops for women, we are proud to continue hosting fun, interactive training for all ages.




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We invite YOU to join us as a 
Lisa Fink
Lisa Fink
All of us at NAOI want to recognition and thank our amazing volunteers. You are the wind that keeps our sails flying. This month we are extending a HUGE thanks to
Lisa Fink with Nigel Guest CPA. Lisa has volunteered countless hours to help NAOI convert our financials to Quick Books and our payroll which has saved us thousands of dollars. Thank you LISA! 
Rasmuson Foundation
Thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Rasmuson Foundation, NAOI is now fully equipped to provide wilderness medical, CPR and AED training. Check out our schedule for all the classes we have coming this summer!
Adventure Medical KitsThanks to generous donations from Adventure Medical Kits, NAOI was able to equip our instructors with medical kits and supplies for our wilderness medical training programs.
The programs offered through NAOI would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors!  Click Here to Help 
Quick Links
Arctic Slope Wilderness Safety Challenge
2013 BCA Prize Winner
Alaska Wild Plants
Wilderness Medical
Youth Advanced Wilderness First Aid Training
Child and Babysitting Safety Course
Wild Women 2013
 Child & Babysitting Safety
June 27-28 10-4p
NAOI Headquarters Wasilla
Wilderness Safety Challenges & Camps!
Tiny Tots - Ages 4-7
June 13 11a-1p
Ages 8-11
July 18 11a-1p
  Youth Advanced Wilderness First Aid Camp
July 8-12 10a-4p
July 24-25
Spring Creek Farm Palmer
Wild Women Workshops
August 8-10
Mile 110 Glenn Hwy
 Check out our full summer schedule at 
Alaska State SnowTrack Grant logo
NAOI will be applying for a 2014 SnowTrac Grant to fund a Snowmobile Instructor Training Program. Our goal is to develop an Alaska statewide snowmobile safety program similar to the ATV and motorcycle institute training programs. 

In our May newsletter we announced the Arctic Slope Wilderness Safety Challenge (WSC) Program.  NAOI delivered the WSC in Barrow and Anaktuvuk Pass and we are pleased to report that more than 170 students from two schools participated in Barrow, and over 30 students from Nunamiut School in Anaktuvuk Pass.  This program is made possible thanks to the generous support from the Arctic Slope Community Foundation.


Our first expedition north took us to Barrow May 1-2 and our second excursion two weeks later landed our team in the heart of the Brooks Range.  Anaktuvuk Pass (AKP as locals call it,) is a small village of about 300, mostly inhabited by the inland Inupiats.  A stark contrast to Barrow's seascape of frozen ice and tundra, AKP is a haven for mountain lovers. 


We have learned much from the residents of these communities and are excited to share and continue improving the program for long-term success and sustainability.

Arctic Slope Community Foundation 

Jaz Odhner, BCA Winner 2013
Jaz Odhner, Moose Pass Alaska
Jaz Odhner of Moose Pass, Alaska, was preparing for graduation when he got the news that he had been drawn from more than 2,700 participants as the winner of the 2013 NAOI Be Snow Smart training program contest. Jaz attended an NAOI Be Snow Smart training program in Seward thanks to the Alaska Dept. of Public Safety. 
Everyone that attended a training session and completed a feedback form or quiz between November 1, 2012 and May 1, 2013 were entered into the contest for a BCA shovel, probe and Float airbag pack thanks to Backcountry Access! 
Alaska Dept. of Public Safety
Backcountry Access
 Thank you to everyone that
 participated! Stay tuned for more  great opportunities to learn and win coming soon!
DPS BCA winner
DPS BCA winner
Alaska Wild and Medicinal Plants Summer Series

Back by popular demand,  Alaska Wild and Medicinal Plant classes will start Monday, June 17th from 6 pm-8 pm.  Instructor Shelley Plumb is a lifelong Alaskan whose passion and dedication to Alaska plants is contagious.  Don't miss out on her weekly plant talk and walks, to be hosted in the Matanuska Valley.  Contact Shelley to learn more or  join one of these specialized workshops. 

shelley@naoiak.org or 775-2466

Wilderness Medical 
WFR Oct 12 
Wilderness First Aid/CPR
July 24-25
Spring Creek Farm


   Want to schedule a Wild Med Class for your company, contact us today!
Medical courses, hosted at NAOI Headquarters 281 N. Main St in Wasilla:
Basic Wilderness First Aid - June 22, 9 am-6 pm Register Now! 
CPR/AED Training - July 16th,  5:30-8:30pm Register Now!
NAOI wilderness medical training
    SOLO Wilderness Medical training             WFA-Spring Creek Farm
  Youth Advanced Wilderness First Aid Training
Wells Fargo Bank
The Youth Advanced Wilderness First Aid Training is the perfect course for students who aspire to work in a position of leadership in the outdoor setting or for those who desire a high level of wilderness medical training for extended personal backcountry trips or expeditions.
Thanks to generous support from Wells Fargo and Meadow Lakes Community Council, this 5 day training is only $100.00 per person.
July 8-12, NAOI Office  Learn more or Register Today! 
Child & Babysitting Training   June 27-28
Child Care training
American Safety and Health Institute logo Do you want to earn money this summer caring for babies and children? Get nationally certified with the NAOI Child and Babysitting Safety course from American Heath and Safety Institute. 
This is a fast-paced, fun and educational program for anyone that is responsible for caring for children. 
Lots of hands-on activities. Includes CPR/AED certification. Cost is $200 per person.
June 27-28, 10a-4p - NAOI Office Wasilla
Wild Women Workshops  - August 8-10
Wild Women of Alaska
Wild women attending the Alaska Trails Conference 2011
Are you a woman that loves the outdoors but wants and or needs to improve your skills and knowledge? This program is for you. Designed by women for women, this is your chance to take the 'Becoming an Outdoors Woman' training and put your skills into action. Or get started on the path today!
Join NAOI and partners for a full menu of outdoor courses and workshops including glacier travel and crevasse rescue, Alaska wild plants, basic wilderness first aid, packing and planning for your adventures, and much more! 
This workshop includes a wide array of classes to choose from for all levels of outdoor women.  Join us for one day or all three.  Camping is available. This course will be hosted at Mile 110 of the Glenn Hwy.
Safety Tip - Be wildlife aware...
Alaskan moose
When wild animals believe you are threatening their family, their home or their food source they may charge or attack
To avoid a negative confrontation,  If you are hiking and find yourself face to face with a moose, back slowly away and try to put a tree or other obstacle between yourself and the animal.


Never try to pet a moose. These are wild animals and may appear docile but will stomp you if they feel threatened.


If you are confronted by a bear, stand your ground and remain still. If the animal moves toward you, wave your arms and shout to appear large and obnoxious. If the bear continues to come toward you, drop to the ground in a ball and cover your neck with your hands. Alaskan Black Bear USFWS


It's also important to know, you cannot outrun a bear! And black bears are more likely to try and kill you for food, while brown bears are more likely to maul you if they believe you are a threat.


Always be alert and make noise when hiking to alert animals to your presence.

Trail Reports

Check out the NAOI  summer Trail report Thursday through Saturday on Movin 105.7. 


Movin Radio Station


Learn To Return
Learn To Return
Looking for advanced training for your company? Visit our partners at  LTR. They have released their summer scheduled. Course options range from Helicopter Underwater Egress, Confined Space, Wildlife Defense Training and much more.   
Learn to Return



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