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NPS National History Day Competition Begins


After months of intensive research and success at district and state level competitions,38 Alaska students are at the University of Maryland this week to compete in the National History Day contest.  Students are presenting their projects at the annual competition, held at the University of Maryland College Park Campus in the Washington, D.C. area June 9-13.  Topics include The Battle of Midway, Upton Sinclair, The Battle of the Aleutians, Reform of Child Labor in Great Britain, Henry Ford, and the Mission to Save the Hubble Space Telescope.

This is the largest group of Alaska students to ever attend the National History Day contest.  Since the National Park Service’s Alaska Regional Office established the Alaska History Day program in 1989, nearly 500 Alaska students have participated in the National History Day contest.  Thousands more have participated in classroom and district contests across the state, and in the annual state contest. 

National History Day is a year-long academic program for middle and high school students focused on the teaching and learning of history. Each fall more than two million students nationwide begin the program, choosing their own topics related to an annual theme, conducting research from original sources and presenting their work by creating a museum-type exhibit, video documentary, original performance, a traditional research paper, or a website. 

This year’s theme is Turning Points in History.  Students enter their projects in a series of history contests in their local districts and states.  The top students in each category are selected to participate in the national contest held each June.

More than 300 historians and other education professionals evaluate the students’ work at the national competition.  Scholarships totaling $250,000 are awarded at the national awards ceremony to select students, and approximately 100 students will take home cash prizes between $250 and $5,000 for superior work in a particular category of judging. 

The following Alaska students will participate in the National History Day contest: 

  • Sawyer Barta, Anchorage, Grade 6
  • Hannah Bouta, Fairbanks, Grade 10
  • Paul Boutet, Anchorage, Grade 6
  • Brian Britt, Anchorage, Grade 8
  • Robin Chalcraft, Fairbanks, Grade 10
  • Bryce Davis, Anchorage, Grade 9
  • Greyson Delzer, Fairbanks, Grade 8
  • Emmalynn Dobler, Anchorage, Grade 8
  • Sierra Grimes, Fairbanks, Grade 11
  • Tristan Groom, Anchorage, Grade 6
  • Alyssa Hampton, Anchorage, Grade 9
  • Jennifer Hannah, Fairbanks, Grade 10
  • Eva Heinrichs, Fairbanks, Grade 7
  • Jake Herrmann, Fairbanks, Grade 10
  • Noah Kegley, Fairbanks, Grade 8
  • Katherine Kirby, Anchorage, Grade 8
  • Cheyne Larson, Fairbanks, Grade 8
  • Samuel Liebersbach, Chugiak, Grade 10
  • Grace Martin, Fairbanks, Grade 7
  • Everett Masterman, Fairbanks, Grade 8
  • Hunter McDonald, Fairbanks, Grade 8
  • Mia Mendez, Anchorage, Grade 8
  • Krishna Nautiyal, Fairbanks, Grade 8
  • Lydia Porter, Fairbanks, Grade 8
  • Aleksander Rentz, Chugiak, Grade 10
  • Caroline Requa, Anchorage, Grade 9
  • Ripple Sato, Anchorage, Grade 9
  • Bozhi Sebens, Haines, Grade 8
  • Jonathan  Shaw, Haines, Grade 8
  • Xiomara Sims, Anchorage, Grade 8
  • Jordan Stigen, Haines, Grade 8
  • Allona Walker, Eagle River, Grade 10
  • DuPree Walker, Anchorage, Grade 8
  • James Wayt, Anchorage, Grade  6
  • Delana Wesen, Anchorage, Grade 8
  • Olivia Wing, Haines, Grade 8
  • Kyle Winkler, Anchorage, Grade 8
  • Oriana Ziegler, Anchorage, Grade 6
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