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NPR-A and Colville River development provide substantial benefits to Alaska


Sen. French Denounces Lawsuit

ANCHORAGE – Today Senator Hollis French (D-Anchorage) denounced the lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity to halt bridge access over the Colville River, impeding resource development in the National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska.

“Building a bridge across the Colville River is crucial to the development of NPR-A and America’s energy security,” said Senator French. 

A long-time North Slope oil field worker, Senator French has been a consistent advocate for construction of NPR-A access in support of the Colville River development. 

French pointed out that the bridge, which would include an above ground pipeline, will protect the environment more than the alternative, which would be to bury the pipeline beneath the Colville’s many branches.  “This suit shows just how obstructionist the Center for Biological Diversity is being on this issue.  Leaks happen from time to time in any oil field.  Having the pipeline above ground, where you can see it, will lead to any leak being detected far faster than if the pipeline were buried out of sight.  Leak detection technology is still not as advanced as the human eye.  The lawyers at the Center have to know this, yet they persist in fighting the bridge,” stated French.

Click below to read a letter to Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey regarding NPR-A:


For more information, please contact Kristen Peterson at (907) 269-0234 or Kristen.Peterson@akleg.gov


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