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Municipality of Anchorage Announces Launch of the Public Access Historic Properties Data In City View!


6/28/13| Contact: Kristine Bunnell 343-7993

Anchorage – The Municipality of Anchorage is pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Historic Property’ search capability for public use. In the past data and search capabilities have only been available to Municipality staff. The new City View Historic Property Module was created for the public to access existing historic property information. The public now has the ability to search on properties by address online through the Muni.org website to determine if an Alaska Historic Resources Survey (AHRS card) has been completed for a specific property.
What information is available? To date, and for the launch of this important public service, available survey information was included for the Government Hill, Downtown, South Addition and Fairview areas. These four neighborhoods are the focal point for the Historic Preservation Plan for Anchorage’s Four Original Neighborhoods (HPP). Future neighborhood or specific property surveys will be added to the Historic Properties Module as additional survey work is completed.

What will I learn when I find a surveyed property?

You will be able to display survey information, if a survey was completed on a specific property, in one of these four neighborhoods. Information is displayed that includes the owner, architecture type including windows and doors, and a statement of significance if the property was found to have historic significance. However, once you migrate to the Historic Property Review page for a property, please note that information in each of the categories may not be available. That may be because that information was not relevant to that property, information is not available, or information was not known at the time the survey was completed.
How do I complete a search?

Go to Muni.org/Departments/Planning/Historical Property Search. You will be prompted to enter an address, and then click on ‘View Historic Information.’ The public will then be able to view whatever historic property information was captured during the historic survey efforts for Government Hill, Downtown, South Addition, and the Fairview neighborhoods.

How can you learn more? Please call 907.343.7993 or email bunnellkr@muni.org. Any and all questions are welcome. You may also obtain hard copies of the historic property information by calling or emailing.
Can the public submit updated information?

Yes! We would also encourage submittal of additional information, facts, photographs, or documents on a surveyed property. This will help us make the Historic Properties Module even more useful.

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