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Governor Protects Second Amendment Rights, Signs Firearms Bills


Stand Your Ground Becomes Law

June 20, 2013, Palmer, Alaska – Continuing his commitment to fight for and defend Alaskans’ Second Amendment rights, Governor Sean Parnell today signed several firearm and self-defense bills into law. The governor was joined by numerous legislators, including House Speaker Mike Chenault and Senate President Charlie Huggins, and Brian Judy of the National Rifle Association as he signed the package of bills in support of Alaskans’ Second Amendment rights.

“In Alaska, our way of life depends on our ability to carry firearms to defend ourselves, provide for our families, and live freely,” Governor Parnell said. “As the federal administration continues its efforts to restrict our rights, these bills will ensure Alaskans’ Second Amendment rights are better protected. I appreciate all of the hard work by legislators who sponsored and supported these bills aimed at protecting law-abiding Alaskans.”

Stand Your Ground legislation – House Bill 24, sponsored by Representative Mark Neuman, clarifies that the right to use deadly force to protect family, person or property not only exists in homes, but also in any other place where the person has the right to be. With the governor’s signature, Alaska joins the majority of states in not requiring a duty to retreat.

Speaker Mike Chenault’s legislation strengthens the Alaska Firearms Freedom Act. House Bill 69 prohibits the use of State assets in the implementation of federal laws that infringe on the rights of Alaskans to keep and bear arms, as well as federal laws that deny a person federal or State constitutional due process rights.

House Bill 83, sponsored by Representative Wes Keller, clarifies that a federal statute, regulation or presidential executive order that is not properly adopted, or is unconstitutional, does not preempt State law.

House Bill 33, sponsored by Representative Neuman, clarifies that one-handed hunting and utility knives do not qualify as switchblades and as such, are legally owned. Some jurisdictions have restricted the types of knives individuals may carry. In some instances, common pocket knives have been defined as switchblades or gravity knives.

House Joint Resolution 12, sponsored by Speaker Chenault, seeks to attract business from firearm manufacturers and firearm accessories manufacturers to Alaska.

Senate Joint Resolution 6, sponsored by Senator Fred Dyson, urges President Barack Obama to refrain from efforts to restrict ownership of firearms.

Senate Joint Resolution 2, sponsored by Senator Dyson, commends Governor Parnell for protecting the state from federal overreach and interference with Alaska’s right to manage its resources and promote economic prosperity.

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