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Condition of Emergency Extended for the 2013 Spring Floods


Alaska Legislature Approves Governor’s Request for Extension

June 28, 2013, Anchorage, Alaska – The Alaska Legislature today approved Governor Sean Parnell’s request to extend the condition of disaster emergency for the Spring 2013 flood disaster. The communities impacted include the Alaska Gateway, Yukon-Flats, Yukon Koyukuk, Lower Yukon and Copper River Regional Educational Attendance Areas. The Legislature approved the request for a 30-day extension on the condition of emergency, which was set to expire June 30.

“The Alaska Legislature has a long history of supporting the needs of individuals, families, communities, and businesses recovering from disasters,” said Governor Parnell. “Today is a clear indication of their continued support, and I look forward to our strong partnership as we help all Alaskans recover from this event.”

The response across the state is ongoing, with work being done to repair roads, power, sewer, and water systems, as well as cleanup of debris and hazardous materials. The condition of disaster emergency allows the governor to enact emergency provisions of the Alaska Disaster Act. Many of the provisions allow the state and affected communities to move more rapidly with the repair of critical infrastructure prior to winter. Additionally, the condition of disaster emergency allows for the provision of temporary housing, food, water, and donated supplies for disaster survivors. 

On Tuesday, Governor Parnell’s request for a presidential disaster declaration was approved, which will make federal resources available for the disaster. The response efforts will continue as the Federal Emergency Management Agency coordinates with the state to begin the recovery process.

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