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CITC Closes Mountain View Diner


Chanlyut program will continue to serve community through social enterprise

In an effort to maximize critical Chanlyut program resources and better serve its residents, Cook Inlet Tribal Council has closed its operations at Mountain View Diner at 4133 Mountain View Drive.

Mountain View Diner is a social-enterprise administered by Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s Chanlyut program, a two-year educational, vocational and residential program offering a new beginning to individuals overcoming the serious challenges of homelessness, addiction and incarceration. The Diner is one of five social enterprises administered by Chanlyut that operate under a “double bottom line” of generating revenue to fuel the program’s mission, while equipping residents with valuable work experience and the life skills necessary for self-sufficiency.

“Individualized educational services, life-skills training and community service are all core elements of the Chanlyut program geared to help residents reach their goals of self-sufficiency,” said Kristin English, Chief Operating Officer at Cook Inlet Tribal Council. “We decided to close Mountain View Diner after careful analysis of how we can best allocate our time and resources to foster the growth and success of our Chanlyut residents.”

English said closing the Diner will allow Chanlyut to focus and expand critical program services while growing additional enterprises important to the program’s structure and success, including Chanlyut moving services, lawn maintenance and snow removal, janitorial services, and wholesale food services.

The decision to close the Diner was made after extensive consultation with community partners, including the Anchorage Community Land Trust, Cook Inlet Housing Authority, and local business leaders.

To learn more about Chanlyut’s other business ventures, please visit our Web site for additional information, or call Daryl Griggs at (907) 793-3119.

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