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Alaskan Leader Fisheries Foundation


“Giving back to the community”

Kodiak and Bristol Bay Regions – Alaska

June 3, 2013

Kodiak Alaska – It’s all about giving back to the community and the idea began in 2000 when a group of Kodiak fishermen decided to create a Foundation in order to benefit local non-profit groups and projects. In the last 13 years, the Foundation has raised and given away more than $500,000 to benefit communities in the Kodiak and Bristol Bay regions. This year alone, nearly $80,000 was provided to non-profit organizations in the two regions.

The Foundation Partnership Program was formed four years ago to provide opportunities for others in the seafood industry to help with the grant program.  Fishing companies, processors and the support industry have stepped up to help fund the Foundation grant program each year.

The 2013 grant program announcement resulted in 75 applications totaling over $450,000 in requests. While many projects had merit, unfortunately, the limitations on funding did not allow the Foundation board to fund them all. The board made some difficult choices in order to provide funding for as many groups as possible.

Fourteen organizations in Kodiak received funding including a $20,000 continuing pledge for the new Kodiak library, which will serve the entire community for many years. Other projects were for school athletic programs, museum support, and preschool and elementary school projects.  The Foundation also teamed up with Ivar’s Seafood to help the Kodiak Maritime Museum fish & chips booth during the recent Kodiak Crab Festival.

In the Bristol Bay region 23 organizations were provided funding, including school programs, library projects, local village Councils, a fire department, and money for local search and rescue equipment.

“When we first started the Foundation, we had hopes to make a difference for a few years, but with the generosity of our Foundation Partnership members, we’ve been able to give back to the communities in a way we never imagined possible,” said Rob Wurm, Foundation board member.

For more information please contact:

Linda Kozak - 907-539-5585

Rob Wurm - 360-201-6024

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