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Alaska Cham ber: Latest News & Small Business- June 10, 2013


Alaska Chamber Members:

The success of the Alaska Chamber's legislative agenda this year was truly remarkable, in no small part due to the pro-active actions taken by members like you who advanced a position for support at the Legislative Policy Forum. Let's do it again and continue to improve Alaska's business climate!

Submit a Pro-Business Position

Each year the Alaska Chamber holds our annual Legislative Policy Forum each year to establish legislative priorities for the upcoming year. In 2012 over twenty positions were adopted. During the first year of the 28th Alaska Legislative Session we supported 34 pieces of pro-business legislation and saw 70% of those bills passed in the first year of the two year legislative session.

Prior to the Forum, Alaska Chamber members submit legislative positions to the Legislative Affairs Committee for review and research and then a recommendation to the general membership. During the Forum the proposed positions are debated and voted on by the body with only those receiving a majority vote being adopted. Out of the adopted positions, 3 federal and 3 state positions are also adopted as priorities for the year. These positions define the core issues that impact the businesses across the state and provide direction to the staff and board members in our advocacy efforts for the upcoming year.  

Please take a moment today to:

  • Review the updated Policy Forum position submission rules, 
  • Mark your calendar for the 2013 Forum on October 16th in Fairbanks; and 
  • Submit your proposed position by August 2nd.
Questions? Please feel free to email or call me or any member of your Alaska Chamber team.
Thank you,

Important Information for 2013

New! Online Submission

An online form has been created position submission. There have been no changes to the submission requirements, but now members need not worry about formatting the document. Backup documentation can be attached and a confirmation email is sent to the submitter. Submit a position today online here.

New! Positions Adopted in 2012 Remain Positions

In an effort to solidify the Alaska Chamber’s credibility as an advocacy organization and to simplify the position formation process the Alaska Chamber’s Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) proposed several changes to the position formation process. The Executive Committee endorsed the LAC’s recommendations for use in 2013 and beyond. 

Instead of adopting an entirely new slate of positions each year during its Policy Forum, positions adopted just prior to the seating of a new Alaska Legislature will be maintained through the entire two-year legislative session. In the second year of a legislative session only new positions will be accepted for consideration.

Modifying or changing the slate of positions mid-legislative session is confusing for elected officials and erodes the Alaska Chamber’s credibility. Additionally, position formation is time consuming for Alaska Chamber members and staff.  Read more here.

Single Capital Position

The Alaska Chamber is returning to its founding principles and will no longer take positions on specific capital projects. Instead, the general membership will be asked to adopt a generic capital position that states,  “The Alaska State Chamber of Commerce supports state capital projects that facilitate resource and economic development in a cost effective manner.”

Supporting some projects over others without due diligence jeopardizes the Alaska Chamber’s credibility in Juneau diminishing advocacy success on the many issues upon which Alaska Chamber members are firmly united.  Local chambers are best positioned to advocate for regional projects.

Not taking positions on capital projects is consistent with the Alaska Chamber’s long standing principles of “state unity”, “statewide action” and “local controversies” adopted in 1960. Read more here.

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