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AWAIC Newsletter: June is Pride Month


Overwhelming Support for Teen in Shelter

~Letter from the Executive Director

AWAIC went viral! I'm not entirely sure what that means but I've been assured that it's good. Last month we had a young man in shelter who wanted to play football but lacked the gear needed to tryout. We posted his wish on Facebook and the response from our supporters was incredible! There are so many messages that we encounter everyday but thousands of people picked this message, about this boy, to share with others. Not only did they share but also sent overwhelming support. He was decked out and on the field in no time.

It makes my heart grow three times bigger to know there are people like those in the world. Thank you for giving to him, making him feel he belongs to a community that cares. 



June is Pride Month!
June, 2013
It's finally summer and AWAIC is pleased to welcome it this year by participating in LGBT Pride Month, June 2013. The month consists of fun community events going on all over Anchorage. To learn more visit the AK Pride website at http://alaskapride.org/ 
 Check out our story on what AWAIC is doing to serve the LGBT community by heading to the Pride Wall at the Loussac Library, or
Happy Pride Month!


Pride Wall

Big Thank You!
Annual Golf Tournament = Big Success
We wanted to thank our community businesses and individuals for supporting our annual golf tournament: The Tournament of Awesomeness. A HUGE thank you to local philanthropist and our biggest supporter, Houston Carr. The event was a big success and we raised much needed funds for those that we serve. 

Citywide Cleanup

Saturday, May 11th


On Saturday, May 11th a group of AWAIC staff members joined together to support the 45th Annual Anchorage Chamber Citywide Cleanup. Donning rubber gloves, we covered a large area surrounding our shelter. We enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to our community, enjoy the spring weather, and meet some of our fellow neighbors.


For more information about the Citywide Cleanup, please visit: http://www.citywidecleanup.org/ 

citywide cleanup
...Kelsey helps clean up Anchorage

AWAIC Staff Wins Prestigious Scholarship

 Kelsey Chapple Heads To University of Austin Law School 



Three years ago, I started volunteering on weekends for AWAIC. I loved the agency and its mission so much that two years ago, I applied for the evening legal advocate position and I have worked with victims of domestic violence at the courthouse ever since. Once I began helping victims navigate the legal system, I developed a passion for justice. This passion motivated me to apply for law school so I could become a public interest lawyer.


As the debt load for law school is very high (sometimes over $200,000 for three years), and the pay for a public interest lawyer very low, I applied to every scholarship I could find.  Scholarships for law school are rare, especially at top schools, but I wrote the essays anyway. A month later, I got a call from the William Wayne Center for Public Interest Law at the University of Austin in Texas, offering to fly me to Austin for an interview. Three days after my interview they offered me the scholarship: an award of full tuition and fees for all three years. This scholarship is a dream come true, and I have AWAIC to thank for it. The wonderful support, training, and experience AWAIC provided enabled me to do the work that not only pointed me to this path, but gave me the push I needed to achieve this amazing opportunity. 


-By Kelsey Chapple


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