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United Way’s Day of Action Volunteers Work Side-By-Side with Youth


Anchorage, AK--On June 21, United Way of Anchorage and the Municipality of Anchorage will bring local volunteers and youth together to take advantage of the longest day of the year by taking action to plant a rain garden at the Woodland Park Boys and Girls Club.
Date:           Thursday, June 21st

Time:          10am – 4pm

Location:    Woodland Park Boys & Girls Club, 2300 W 36th Avenue

The event commemorates United Way of Anchorage’s fifth annual Day of Action and is unique because it occurs during the 125th Anniversary of the United Way movement. Volunteers across the globe will post pictures, videos and messages to honor this milestone from their project sites.
“For our Day of Action this year, we’re mobilizing volunteers in support of our work in education, “said Jennifer Howell, Director of Community Engagement, United Way of Anchorage. “When caring volunteers work with students of all ages, the young people have a better chance at success. Working alongside adult volunteers will give the youth at the Boys & Girls Club more time with caring adults who are committed to helping our youth thrive.”
The Day of Action is part of United Way of Anchorage’s year round commitment to youth and volunteerism in support of achieving the community goal of increasing graduation rates to 90% by 2020.
“We’re excited to partner with United Way and the Boys & Girls Club to create a model rain garden for the Spenard neighborhood,” said Kari Sherman, Rain Garden Program Coordinator for the Municipality of Anchorage.  “It’s great to see kids and adults working side by side on a project that benefits the environment. And when we’re done, the kids will have a whole new natural feature in their playground.
Rain gardens are important because when constructed properly, they can take the water from blacktops and channel it back into the ground rather than the storm drains thereby keeping pollutants and sediment out of the waterways.
For more information on volunteer opportunities involving youth, contact Jennifer Howell at 263-3806 or jhowell@ak.org or visit www.LIVEUNITEDANCHORAGE.org/volunteer.
For information on rain gardens, contact Kari Sherman at 343-8084 or anchorageraingardens@muni.org.

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