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U.S. prices won’t jump due to LNG exports, experts predict


U.S. natural gas exports are unlikely to raise prices much for domestic consumers, a couple of gas market experts agreed during a June 25 presentation in the U.S. Capitol. The country has plenty of gas to handle the load.
They also concurred that the gap between the high-priced Asian market for liquefied natural gas and the low-priced North American gas market could narrow over time, probably more from U.S. prices rising to cover development and production costs than Asian prices falling.
“I don’t think you’ll ever see a global gas price,” said Tom Choi, natural gas market leader for Deloitte MarketPoint LLC. As for limiting U.S. LNG export projects, that's not a job for the federal government, said Charles Ebinger, director of the energy security initiative at The Brookings Institution. “The markets will take care of these concerns.”

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