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UA President Gamble Proposes Lowest Tuition Increase in Decade


The smallest tuition increase in over a decade—2 percent—will be
presented by President Gamble to the UA Board of Regents for approval
in September for the Academic year 2014 (fall 2013, spring 2014). The
increase will apply to students on all 16 University of Alaska

After discussing tuition in depth with UAA, UAF and UAS chancellors,
staff and students over the last year, Gamble believes a modest
increase is warranted – but it cannot happen without some
consequences. Tuition currently makes up about 12 percent of the total
university budget. Campuses will need to work creatively to offset the
reduced tuition increase.

“There is no free lunch,” Gamble noted. “When we squeeze this balloon,
it expands the dollar shortfall to be made up elsewhere in our

Associate Vice President of Student  & Enrollment Services Saichi Oba
said, “A tuition increase isn’t something we celebrate, but the past
decade has been a tough one, one of tuition rising yearly sometimes
even in the double-digits.”  At 2 percent, this is the lowest
percentage increase since the late 1990's.

The tuition increase will range from $3 to $8 per credit hour
depending on the type of credit enrolled in (lower division, upper
division, graduate). An undergraduate, full-time student enrolled in
15 credits, can expect a $45-$60 increase per semester starting in
Fall 2013.

The proposed increase allows for the cost of inflation as determined
by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The proposal is framed by the
ongoing national and state debate over the cost of higher education
and reflects a sincere desire by the University of Alaska to keep
college affordable and accessible for all Alaskans.
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