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Senator Praises CSI Camp for Ongoing Success with Alaska’s Students


ANCHORAGE-Senator Lesil McGuire today praised the ongoing success of the Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers’ (FOAST) annual CSI Forensic Camp, which was held over the past two weeks in Anchorage.  The camp is designed to increase student awareness of science by exposure to forensics.  Hands-on experience with crime scene processing gives middle and high school students direct contact with various elements of forensics and encourages students to take on careers in science and technology related fields.   

“The camp is a phenomenal opportunity for Alaska’s students to learn more about a cutting edge science that also benefits society by identifying and helping prosecute dangerous criminals,” said Senator McGuire.   “Study after study shows that students who receive hands-on training like this tend to stay in school longer and develop a long term interest in science.”

Camp students are instructed by a professional staff and qualified representatives from the Anchorage Police, Alaska State Troopers, the FBI, the Crime Lab, K-9 Officers, and others.  Students learn about topics such as drug analysis, blood stain pattern analysis, chemical development of fingerprints, DNA collection and analysis, fire science, and how to process a crime scene.  

The camp is made possible through funding provided by the Legislature, which this year added more money so that more rural students can attend.  “My goal is to make sure as many Alaskan students as possible get a chance to be part of this unique experience,” said Senator McGuire.  “Thanks to my colleagues in the Legislature and Governor Parnell, my goal is becoming a reality.  The diverse mix of students along with professional volunteer presenters has made this program very impressive.”

FOAST organizers last week gave Senator McGuire an award for her efforts to secure funding for the CSI Camp and other FOAST activities such as the Safety Bear reflector program and children’s DNA kits.

“Senator McGuire has been integral over the last six years in securing funding through the legislative Capital Budget process for the CSI Forensic Science Camp, as well as for FOAST and the Alaska Law Enforcement Museum,” said FOAST Executive Director Laura Caperton.   “As FOAST moves forward with its museum modernization, and with the development of programs like the forensic science camp, Safety Bear and children's DNA kits, Senator McGuire remains a champion of the organization and mission in the Alaska State Legislature.”

For more information, please contact Genevieve Wojtusik in Senator McGuire’s office at 907-269-0250.

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