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Seasonal weight restrictions apply to all vehicles over 10,000# GVW.   Weight restrictions are now in effect within the Northern Region at the locations specified below.  These weight restrictions are stated as a percentage of legal allowable weight and shall be applied to the maximum axle loading in accordance with 17 AAC 25.013(e).

ADOT&PF Northern Region boundaries extend from Mile 163 Parks Highway north, and from Mile 118 Glenn Highway north-east, and from Valdez on the Richardson Highway north to Fairbanks.  Road systems within Cordova and Nome are also within the Northern Region.

Effective Thursday, June 8th, 2012 at 8:00 AM:

Except as restricted below, all State Maintained roads within the Northern Region of DOT&PF, including both paved and gravel roads, are returned to normal, regulatory legal axle load conditions.  Overweight load applications can be submitted in order to obtain approval for hauling overloads, by contacting the Measurement Standards & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (MSCVE) group, at (907) 365-1200.  

The following roads are restricted to 50% of legal axle load (no overloads): 

Ester Dome Road

Additional restrictions and modifications will be imposed as necessary.  Weather and pavement conditions are being monitored closely. An electronic copy of DOT&PF’s weight restriction notices is available on-line at:
http://www.dot.state.ak.us/mscve/main.cfm?go=weightrestrictions, then click on active public notices and then open the most recent Northern Region listing to view the current version of our posted seasonal weight restrictions.

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement division of the Department of Transportation & Public Facilities will be enforcing these restrictions.

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