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Kenai Celebration/Dedication - 3-5 p.m., Friday


Celebration.  One Year – All Alaska Workforce Initiative

Dedication.  Kenai Seafood Manufacturing Facility Opening

In 2006, when Copper River Seafoods first arrived in Kenai to purchase fish, an important promise was made to the fishermen: “We’re staying.” Six years later, Scott Blake - President, CEO and Alaskan fisherman - reports, “We’ve been growing our business in the region and today the company fulfills the promise to fishermen with yet another investment – the Kenai Copper River Seafoods Facility.”

On June 22, 2012, Copper River Seafoods hosts a presentation, tour and reception for key partners at its Grand Opening of a Kenai Seafood Manufacturing Facility, located at the mouth of the Kenai River in Cook Inlet. Phase 1 of the newly remodeled facility will have the capacity to do primary manufacturing of 10 million pounds of seafood annually. The purpose of the plant is to provide consistent quality and supply of high value processed seafood by expanding Copper River Seafoods’ manufacturing capabilities. The new plant will receive fish from Cook Inlet, Seward, Prince William Sound, as well as coastal communities of Western Alaska. The recent automation and re-engineering of the plant, melded with the training provided through the US Certified Apprenticeship Program offer the opportunity to create a long-term sustainable business model.

Simultaneous to the dedication of the expanded facility, Copper River Seafoods celebrates one year of its All Alaska Workforce Initiative. Over the past year, the company has created a workforce initiative by utilizing the US Certified Apprenticeship Model. Thanks to partnerships with the State and Federal Departments of Labor, the apprentices have been given the skills and managerial training to develop a talented labor force designed for growth. In keeping with the spirit and history of Copper River Seafoods, an Alaska-based company, Alaskans are actively involved in developing the skill sets required to professionally manufacture food in and from Alaska.

“This dedication and celebration are at the very heart of Copper River Seafoods. We have maintained unwavering commitment to creating an Alaskan company – started by fishermen, operated by Alaskans, in Alaska. It is a proud day that we can see one more step toward Alaskan companies being competitive with our rich Alaska resource,” says Scott Blake, CEO/Founder and President.

The Copper River Seafoods Kenai facility originated as a cannery in 1912, and later became Dragnet Fisheries. The remodeled plant boasts new processing and refrigeration equipment, an all-Alaskan staff, and a strong partnership with area fishermen, thus enabling CRS to continue maximizing the bounty of Alaska’s wild seafood with local, national and international markets.


Copper River Seafoods, Inc. is a primary and secondary wild Alaska, premium seafood manufacturer, established in 1996 by 4 Cordova area fishermen. Currently, the company employs 435 (135 year-round and 300 seasonal) to process and market all species of wild Alaska seafood to national retail and food service accounts. It is headquartered in Anchorage supporting primary processing in Cordova, Togiak, Unalaska, Kenai and a finished food processing facility in Anchorage.

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