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JAL Group Promotes [Sky Eco] for a Greener Tomorrow


Japan Airlines (JAL), a recognized Eco-First company by the Ministry of Environment of Japan, today reiterated its commitment to the conservation of the environment with the announcement of its latest environmental guidelines and action plan.


JAL recognizes that companies in the air transportation industry play an integral role in social infrastructure, and must also take responsibility for the effects of their business on the environment. As a company in this industry, JAL regards environmental conservation as a vital issue to be addressed by management and has drawn up the following "Sky Eco" action plan.

1. JAL will proactively make approaches to prevent global warming.  

JAL will reduce CO2 emissions per revenue-ton-kilometer (RTK) from JAL Group aircraft by 23% in 2020, compared with the level in 2005.

  • We will renew our fleet with fuel-efficient, low noise level aircraft, such as the Boeing 787, 737-800, and Embraer170, promote Eco-Flight activities, reduce aircraft weight, wash aircraft engines, and other such measures.
  • We will cooperate with related governments, ministries, agencies and authorities, such as air traffic controllers of each country, to proactively introduce fuel-efficient, ecological, and advanced flight operational methods.
  • We will cooperate in the research and development of the practical use of biofuels made from nonedible plants.
  • We will cooperate in the research and development of future aircraft and operational methods that minimize impacts on the environment.

JAL will conduct energy saving activities at ground facilities, such as offices and shops.


2. JAL will proactively conduct environment-related social and educational activities.

Through continuous green social activities, we will strive to contribute to long-term environmental conservation, and raise environmental awareness of staff, society and children, who will take on the responsibilities of the next generation to protect the global environment.

  • We will continue to participate in the Tropospheric Observation Project and cooperate in the research on global warming by installing special air-sampling equipment on our aircraft to collect data and monitor the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • We will continue to cooperate in the Forest Fire Reporting Project.
  • We will continue our ‘Soraiku' environmental education program for children.
  • We will conduct eco-activities with customers.
  • We will proactively conduct eco-activities involving staff and environmental education activities for staff and their families.

3. We will strive to create a recycling society and promote environmental conservation.

  • We will strive to reduce industrial waste from domestic offices by 2% or less.
  • We will strive to reduce the amount of water used, to conserve water
  • We will strive to reduce the use and emission of chemicals regulated by the PRTR* Law.
    *PRTR: Pollutant Release and Transfer Register
  • We will recycle inflight magazines, newspapers, aluminum cans, PET bottles, cargo packaging materials, and other waste products from the aircraft, as well as staff uniforms.

4. We will strive to conserve the environment in the vicinity of airports.

  • We will proactively introduce low noise level aircraft and operational methods that reduce noise pollution.
  • We will proactively deal with noise pollution at each airport.
  • We will strive to reduce nitrogen oxide and other gaseous emissions from aircraft and other vehicles.

5. We will care for bio-diversity.

  • We will convey the importance of bio-diversity to customers and society at large.
  • We will conduct business activities in accordance to the Bio-Diversity Policy of the JAL Group.
  • We will extend cooperation to the UN Decade on Biodiversity 2011-2020 initiative, and commit to protecting the nature of Japan, such as the Japanese red-crowned crane, and carry out activities to convey the importance of nature.

JAL will continue striving to achieve the environmental goals set out in the "Sky Eco" action plan above, and contribute to protecting the Earth, and leaving a healthy, beautiful planet for future generations to come.

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