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Alaskan Mountain Named In Honor of Korean Veterans


WASHINGTON, D.C. – To honor veterans who fought in the Korean War, Alaskan Congressman Don Young (U.S. Army 1955-1957) recently introduced H.R. 5928, the Mount Chosin Few Act – a bill to name a mountain in the Alaska Chugach National Forest roughly 28 miles Northeast of Cordova as “Mount Chosin Few.” After working with Rep. Young and his staff, the U.S. Board on Geographic Names approved the naming of “Mount Chosin Few” on June 14, 2012. To view the letter Rep. Young received from the U.S. Board on Geographic Names confirming the naming of Mount Chosin Few, click here

“Naming a mountain to commemorate these men is the least we can do,” said Rep. Young. “As someone who was drafted during the Korean War, I saw the bravery of the men and women who wore the uniform during this conflict. I am pleased that the Board on Geographic Names acted swiftly to name this mountain after some of America’s most courageous men and women.”

In late 1950, after arriving at the Chosin Reservoir (Korea), American forces were surprised to be met by a Chinese opponent that was easily 10 times its size. With temperatures as cold as 40 below, American Marines were able to break through the Chinese encirclement and reach their evacuation point, the Port of Hungnam. Overall roughly 3,000 Allied servicemen were killed in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, and about 13,000 others were wounded.  
There are two known living survivors of the Battle of Chosin Reservoir living in Alaska today -- Richard Lilly of Wasilla and John Beasley of Palmer. From the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, 17 of the servicemen received the Congressional Medal of Honor which is the highest honor the military can bestow upon a serviceman or woman. Additionally, over 70 servicemen received Navy Crosses – the second highest decoration given for valor by the Navy.

"We can't think of anything that would be a greater honor than Congress passing a bill to name Mount Chosin Few in remembrance of all those who fought and died in the battle of the Chosin Reservoir,” said Richard Lilly and John Beasley. “Let this mountain serve as a lasting monument to our fallen brothers. Thank you."

The exact coordinates of “Mount Chosin Few” are latitude 60°49’47” N and longitude 145°08’01” W.

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