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Murkowski Morning Meeting - Tuesday, June 28 2011


U.S. Senate - Events

Deepwater Horizon and the Future of Offshore Development

Alaskan Impact: In May, President Obama announced his plans to streamline the permitting process for Alaska's potential offshore projects. But the national oil/gas conversation is still impacted by last summer's Gulf of Mexico spill. To that end, testimony today was given on the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment, an analysis that federal and state officials are conducting to chart the spill's toll on the Gulf, which some experts are saying is recovering quicker than predicted.

6:00am AKDT

Senate Environment and Public Works, Water and Wildlife Subcommittee Hearing

Topic: "Status of the Deepwater Horizon Damage Assessment"

Testimony from:

·         Cynthia Dohner, director of the Southeast Region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

·         Tony Penn, deputy chief of the Assessment and Restoration Division in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office of Response and Restoration

Questioning/Hearing: http://1.usa.gov/m29Ime

Libya:  War Powers Under Fire

Alaskan Impact: As Alaskan troops serve world-wide, the national debate has shifted from last week's Afghanistan drawdown announcement to America's role in Libya. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing to examine the administration's claim that America's actions in Libya do not amount to "hostilities," and therefore does not require congressional authorization under the War Powers Resolution. Last week, the House of Representatives voted against authorizing our activities there but decided against defunding operations there.

6:00am AKDT

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing

Topic: "Libya and War Powers"

Testimony from:

·         State Department Legal Advisor Harold Koh

Hearing: http://1.usa.gov/iQpwbJ

House of Representatives - Events

The House of Representatives is meeting in a pro forma session this week.

Off the Hill - Events

Natural Gas:  Future Infrastructure Needs

Alaskan Impact: Worldwide natural gas market dynamics have a huge impact on Alaska.  But both Alaska's gas or the Marcellus Shale field in the Lower 48 need reliable infrastructure to get to consumers.  Today the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) examined the different infrastructure needs for different industry scenarios, including how best to "connect vast Arctic resources and LNG supplies to the grid."

5:30am AKDT

INGAA Foundation Briefing

Topic: "Energy: North American Natural Gas Midstream Infrastructure Through 2035"

From DC to AK

Murkowski Criticizes FEMA's Juneau Flood Mapping Process

As many residents of Alaska's capital already know, FEMA has proposed new flood maps for the City and Borough of Juneau that are angering residents over inconsistencies and a "jargon-heavy" process.

In less than an hour, Senator Murkowski is sending a letter to FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate urging him to extend the comment period and explain the process better.  You will receive a copy of the letter and an accompanying release at approximately 10am AKDT.
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