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Murkowski Morning Meeting - June 24, 2011


Note to readers: The Murkowski Morning Meeting will be pared down a bit next week due to members of the team traveling in-state conducting Mobile Office Listening Sessions.  End result: You'll receive the same content and updates; there just will be less video available of Senate events.

We'll pick back up at full speed after the July 4th recess.

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Senate is not in session.

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Bats are Beneficial - and at Risk

Alaskan Impact: Unbeknownst to many, bats are an important agricultural asset - consuming insects that could harm crops and/or require toxins to be sprayed. But over one million bats have recently been killed by a fungus known as the White-Nose Syndrome.  If this persists, it could result in agricultural losses up to $3.7 billion. The House Natural Resources Committee today examined the economic issue today.

6:00am AKDT

Committee Hearing

Topic: "Why We Should Care About Bats: the Devastating Impact of White-Nose Syndrome"

Testimony from:

·         Gabriela Chavarria,U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

·         U.S. Forest Service Associate Deputy Chief Jim Pena

Questioning/Hearing: http://bit.ly/jSo1PA
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