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ej4’s New Video On Demand TrainingVOD: Fortune 500 Employee Training At SMB Prices


Providing quality, effective training videos for employees
has historically been a luxury afforded only to large-budget Fortune 500
companies. But now a new ecommerce site called TrainingVOD (Training Video
On Demand) has been launched by the training video veterans at ej4.
TrainingVOD is designed to benefit the business masses conveniently and
effectively -- regardless of size or budget.

Since 2004, TrainingVOD's parent company ej4 has been supplying training
videos for Fortune 500s to create results quickly. But ej4's new TrainingVOD
site targets small/medium businesses who need high quality employee training
videos at small business affordability. TrainingVOD.com videos can be
purchased by individual course, by specific topic, or businesses can access
the entire site. The average price of many other business training videos
bought online is between $250 and $1,000 per DVD. TrainingVOD lets
businesses enjoy the same training and communications content used by those
Fortune 500 companies, but now at an affordable price - from $19.99 - $49.99
depending on the level chosen.

Business owners can explore the TrainingVOD Topic Library to find video
courses that fit their specific needs. Training VOD videos currently
available include topics relating to: administration, workplace compliance,
customer service, selling skills, leadership/supervision, safety skills,
negotiating and more. Each TrainingVOD video is a concise program (approx.
11 minutes), each coming with a downloadable PDF for easy follow along.
TrainingVOD is ideal for training/HR managers, small/medium business owners,
business consultants, SMB managers, directors, VPs, and professionals
looking for specific skills.

TrainingVOD features MaxecutionTM videos - task-based video training -
TrainingVOD provides world-class content generated from over 50 years of
experience presenting more than 6,000 classroom seminars, producing 1,000+
training videos, and conducting  over 10,000 leadership surveys and 100,000
satisfaction surveys. Presenters are business experts and consultants who
understand how to educate and motivate employees to drive maximum results
for any business. Maxecution video is proven to be more effective than
interactive courseware and live training. It is a specialized type of video,
where the training is broken into small, concentrated segments that teach
repeatable skills and behavior - not just theories and concepts. Maxecution
videos create employee knowledge that increase close ratios, improve
compliance, and change behaviors. Maxecution video is standardized, used
remotely, and is always available.

Why TrainingVOD?
A 2009 U.S. Department of Education report found that distance education-in
either stand-alone or blended learning approaches-delivers better initial
learning than classroom-only. Traditional e-learning is too long, too
boring, and doesn't change behaviors. TrainingVOD leverages the latest
research in online learning, and includes "engagement" instructional design.
The TrainingVOD video library is proven to produce stronger student learning
outcomes than face-to-face presentations and is provided at a fraction the
cost. Content is available 24/7, ensuring that TrainingVOD fits into any
workday with courses that easily translate to daily job tasks and maximize
business results for any organization.

For more information go to: www.TrainingVOD.com

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