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The Veggies Are Here!


(Anchorage, AK) – Have you seen Alaska Grown produce at the grocery store yet?  Have you visited a farmers market this season?  It is time!

The first commercial harvests of Alaska Grown produce are occurring!  Red, green & romaine lettuces are available.  Kale and collard greens will be here next week.  The rhubarb is ready.  And the Alaska Grown potatoes are of very high quality.    

Why is it so important to buy Alaska Grown produce?  According to a 2007 scientific literature review by the University of California – Davis:

“Fresh is best if consumed immediately after purchasing.  Nutrient loss during fresh storage may be higher than consumers realize.  For example, spinach and green beans lose up to 75 percent of their Vitamin C within seven days of harvest, even when refrigeraterated.

More information about this study is available at: www.mealtime.org/content.aspx?id=312

It doesn’t get any fresher than our Alaska Grown produce!  So visit a local farmers market and always remember to ask for Alaska Grown when shopping in your favorite grocery store.  And finally, when dining out, always ask your server if anything on the menu is Alaska Grown.  Alaska Grown – fresher by far!

For a complete list of Alaska Farmers Markets, visit our web site www.dnr.alaska.gov/ag.
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