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Sen. Murkowski: EPA Regulations Opposed by Alaskan Stakeholders


WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today reaffirmed her commitment to blocking the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing economically harmful climate regulations on Alaska and the nation.

Murkowski welcomed the support of the Anchorage Assembly, which last night voted unanimously to approve a resolution by Mayor Dan Sullivan calling on the state's congressional delegation to oppose EPA climate regulations under the Clean Air Act.

Failure to halt the EPA's bureaucratic overreach could result in severe consequences for Alaska's economy, including a North Slope natural gas pipeline, Murkowski said.  

"EPA regulation will impact every sector of our economy - not just the energy industry," Murkowski said. "My disapproval resolution is about protecting the whole economy from EPA regulation and ensuring that elected representatives in Congress are the ones developing energy and environmental policies for the nation, not unelected bureaucrats."

Murkowski's efforts are widely supported by stakeholders in Alaska, including Gov. Sean Parnell and the companies involved in development of Alaska's natural resources. Attached are endorsements and letters of support from Gov. Parnell and Mayor Sullivan, Alaska Chamber of Commerce, Denali Project and ConocoPhillips Alaska, Alaska Pipeline Project, Pacific Seafood Processors, Alaska Miners Association, CalPortland Cement, Usibelli Mine and the Alaska Native Corps. NANA and ASRC.

Murkowski has also received support for her bipartisan disapproval resolution from the governors of 21 states, homebuilders, the agricultural community, manufacturers, small businesses, tax payer advocates, public power suppliers and automobile dealers across the country.

Some in the Senate have voiced support for allowing the EPA to proceed with imposing climate regulations to force Congress to pass flawed cap-and-trade legislation. Murkowski called such a strategy "irresponsible" and dangerous given the still-shaky economic recovery.

"Some believe the threat of economically-damaging regulations is useful to leverage passage of a sweeping cap-and-trade bill," Murkowski said. "I disagree. Legislation should pass because it contains good policy, not because elected officials are threatened."

A vote in the Senate on the disapproval resolution is scheduled for Thursday, June 10. The measure needs a simple majority of 51 for passage.

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