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Mayor proposes multi-pronged solution to University Lake dog park controversy


ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Controversy around the popular University Lake dog park flared up earlier this month with both park users and park neighbors citing a lack of parking and clearly defined boundaries. Dog owners stated that they didn't know where the park boundaries were, and Alaska Pacific University (APU) representatives pointed to private land being inappropriately (and illegally) accessed by park users. Given the park's popularity with the community, Mayor Sullivan seeks a solution designed to meet the needs of both interest groups.
He recently proposed:

1. Augment available parking by 20 spaces this summer north of the existing pullout. The lot will be located on city land.

2. Build a fence this summer to establish a firm boundary between the dog park/University Lake trail and the APU soccer field. Signage also will be added so dog owners know exactly where park land ends and private land begins.

3. Extend parking at University Lake Drive in 2014. This long-term solution will take a bit more time to complete but will extend University Lake Drive in conjunction with APU. Once complete, it will provide space for 20 additional vehicles.

The above items will require Assembly approval as well as cooperation from APU. All parties are hopeful that agreement can be reached soon.
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