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Mayor Sullivan's letter to Sen. Begich re: S.J. Res. 26


June 7, 2010

Dear Senator Begich:

As you know, the Senate is expected to vote Thursday, June 10, on a pivotal disapproval
resolution (S.J.Res.26) that would block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
from enforcing greenhouse gas regulations under the Clean Air Act. I encourage you to
join with Senator Lisa Murkowski and the 40 other bipartisan cosponsors by voting "yes"
on S.J.Res.26.

We in Anchorage will be profoundly affected by EPA regulations. Delegating
Congressional authority to agency bureaucrats to determine unilaterally carbon emission
limits not only sets a dangerous precedent; it also allows little recourse when our
residents, cities and boroughs are negatively hampered by over-reaching regulation that
inhibits community economic growth.

I recognize that S.J.Res.26 is a unique tool rarely used by Congress. I heard you in
public forums say that you were not committed to a single action that would slow or
inhibit the EPA's actions on this matter; however, I was disappointed to read today in the
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner that you said you do not plan to support S.J.Res.26.

Your spokesperson, Max Croes, offered rationale that, "the senator received assurances
from the EPA that the agency will not begin regulating large greenhouse gas emitters
until late 2011, and those who put less than 75,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the air will
not be regulated by the EPA until 2016 at the earliest." I have my doubts as the EPA has
indicated in print, in its tailoring rule released May 13, 2010, that it may well regulate at a
much lower level before that time.

Senator, Alaska is a resource state now and we hope to be well into the future. Congress
should act on this important matter; the EPA should not lead the charge to regulate
carbon emissions. Now is the time for you to stand up for Alaskans' interests and to
work with our senior senator. Your loyalty should first-and-foremost be with the people
of our state. Your "yes" vote is critical.


(Electronically Signed)

Mayor Dan Sullivan

cc: U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski
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