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Mayor Sullivan Statement on Passage of AO 2010-43(S)


WHAT: Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan is on vacation this week; however, he issues the following statement about Assembly action regarding the illegal campsite ordinance at its meeting last night:

"I was pleased to learn that the Assembly supported my Administration's efforts to provide, in ordinance, five days notice to homeless campers in illegal campsites before requiring them to leave and disposing of their property. Illegal campers sometimes engage in hazardous activities that have detrimental impacts to the neighborhoods they inhabit. In contrast to statements made suggesting the timeframe may be too short and 'unconsti- tutional', I am convinced the Assembly's action last night will pass the judicial test. After all, these campers are using municipal property illegally and our police have every right to shut them down. The ordinance now provides specific guidance as to how to do so."

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