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Mat-Su Energy Inc. From Alaska is excited to present to you 'The Oil Bladder'


The "Oil Bladder" or Pillow Tank will provide temporary containment of oil on the ocean. Bladder units will be mass produced here in the United States and delivered where needed. The design allows the bladders to be towed or anchored in groups.

1,000 and 3,000 barrel containment units are available.

Filled at 80% the unit can be towed behind a moving vessel at full speed 8 knots.

The bladder system is designed to capture oil at any depth and allow it to float just below the oceans surface fully contained.

The bladders can be filled/emptied and reused in a matter of hours.

Deep-water capture systems can be designed, built and delivered in a few weeks.

16'Diameter X 38' Length

50,000gallons or 1000 Barrels

Spec 40oz. DuPont PVC/Urethane Blend

Containment of large volumes of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico is a growing problem. The Oil Bladder system operates much like a pillow tank system but does not need the weight considerations in engineering but instead the concerns for volume.  Large amounts of crude can be contained in an Oil Bladder, much more so than in a land based pillow tank.

Oil Bladders can be easily moved while in the ocean and anchored until crude is transferred to a processing ship or facility.

We hope this unique tool will help in the effort to clean up the Gulf Oil Disaster.

Please contact us with any questions.

George Sikat III, Wasilla, Alaska 907-355-7991

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