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Lawmakers to Meet at Statewide Summit of Student Leaders


Lawmakers to Address Rising Tuition Rates, the Future of the University and the Role of Student Leaders

Fairbanks - Representative Scott Kawasaki will address the Statewide Leaders Summit at the Coalition of Student Leader's annual retreat on Saturday, June 12 from 11am-2pm. The primary focus of the two-day summit will be to discuss the University, post-secondary education and the role of student government leaders. Representative Kawasaki will be joined by fellow Interior Delegation Members Senator Joe Thomas and Representative David Guttenberg.

"The summit is a great opportunity for us to learn from those directly impacted by changes in University policy and the rising cost of tuition." Kawasaki said "We will hear from the best and brightest young minds at the University."

The Coalition of Student Leaders is a statewide student organization consisting of student government representatives from across Alaska and encompassing the diverse scope of student affairs. The Coalition of Student Leaders provides a forum for student expression while fostering dialogue between faculty, staff, administration, state legislature and the communities of Alaska. The Coalition of Student Leaders promotes the educational needs, general welfare and rights of all University of Alaska students.

"I'm thankful to have direct and open access to our lawmakers." ASUAF President and Coalition Speaker Pro Tem Nicole Carvajal said. "I hope that leaders and lawmakers engage in a fruitful dialogue on how to improve the University for all our current and future students."

"We must fight to keep education affordable and accessible to all Alaskans." Kawasaki said. "Young Alaskans who desire to make themselves better and are smart enough to succeed in college should not be denied a college education simply because of money."

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