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Kootznoowoo Inc. Elects Officers, Reorganizes


Kootznoowoo Inc., Angoon Alaska's Native village corporation located on Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska announces its election of new directors and corporate reorganization.

Cooney C. Starr, Richard George and Floyd M. Kookesh, were elected members of the Board of Director at the 37th Annual Meeting with terms ending in 2013. They join Directors H. Jean Hogue, Ella Bennett, Edward Gamble, Sr. and Pamela Lestenkof as Directors. The Board of Directors reorganized and its Chairman is Floyd M. Kookesh, Vice Chairman, Ella Bennett and Treasurer/Secretary is Pamela Lestenkof.

The annual meeting was held at the Angoon elementary school and was attended by more than 100 tribal shareholders. The theme of the meeting was "Remembering our Rights" and the keynote speaker Robert Maynard, Esq. a partner in the law firm of Perkins Coie addressed the board and the shareholders. Perkins Coie was instrumental in working with Angoon during ANCSA, ANILCA and the Act of 1990 all of which involved Angoon's participation. Mr. Maynard spoke on several subjects touching on rights and possibilities created by these acts of Congress - particularly those possibilities involving working cooperatively with the Forest Service and other Admiralty Island entities and property owners.

On this year's proxy the Board of Directors asked whether the shareholder wanted to reduce the size of the Board from 7 to 5 members. A supermajority vote was not reached and the ballot measure failed to reduce the Board size.

Guest Speakers Shiann Braley and Rocky Estrada, Jr. who as young Angoonian's spoke to the Board and Shareholders about business opportunities and the need for Angoon to work more closely together at the community level. Board Member George requested that the prepared notes from Shiann and Rocky be part of the official minutes of the Board meeting. Director Starr said "these two were an inspiration to young people coming up and should be encouraged to run for future boards."

Newly elected Chairman Floyd Kookesh said that he wants the Board of Directors and management to work as a team to develop new business opportunities and to conquer Angoon's energy problems by working closely with the Angoon Community Association; the communities federally recognized tribe, the City the Angoon and all Southeast Alaska community leaders.

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