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Insulfoam of Anchorage Recognized for Workplace Safety


JUNEAU, Alaska-Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Click Bishop approved Insulfoam in
Anchorage for the Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Voluntary Protection Program renewal at the "Star"
level for outstanding employee safety and health programs.

The VPP recognizes and promotes effective workplace safety and health management through a cooperative
program between a company's management, employees and AKOSH. Organizations that partner with AKOSH
and achieve VPP status are likely to experience fewer workplace accidents and reduced workers' compensation
insurance costs.

"Our employees are committed to taking ownership of this program, and VPP has enhanced our safety culture,"
Insulfoam General Manager Daryl Sobek said. "The benefits of VPP STAR are evident by enhancing a safety first
attitude that has resulted in a higher quality workforce, consistent products and efficient production. VPP has
proven to be the mechanism we needed to tie our best business practices together, while promoting a high level of
safety awareness."

VPP is a voluntary, federal recognition program, administered by AKOSH. Participating employers are excused
from random AKOSH enforcement inspections for three years. However, enforcement regulations remain in
effect and cases of employee complaints, accident investigations or other significant incidents will result in an
enforcement inspection.

There are 16 sites in Alaska with the AKOSH VPP designation. For a complete listing of the sites and more
information about the program, visit VPP online at http://Labor.Alaska.Gov/lss/vpp-participants.html or
call VPP Program Coordinator Bill Nickerson at 907- 269-4948 or email Bill.Nickerson@Alaska.Gov.

Labor Standards and Safety

Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Section
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