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GeoNorth’s Web Development Portfolio Expands; 2 New Sites


Anchorage, Alaska -  GeoNorth, LLC, an Information Technology solutions provider headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, has just launched 2 new web design/development projects for the same client, continuing to add to an expanding portfolio of elegant, visually appealing, and fully functional client websites.

All Dream Properties Real Estate provides real estate tools for buyers, sellers, and realtors to list and/or find property and property listings.  Located at www.alldreamproperties.com <http://www.alldreamproperties.com> , All Dream Properties wanted to leverage an existing, third party Multiple Listing Service (MLS) search tool into a new website that also included listings outside of MLS.  Not having fine control over the look and feel of the third party tool, GeoNorth was still able to integrate it well within an attractive, custom-designed Drupal theme and create a consistent and seamless user experience whether looking at third party MLS listings or private listings.  

In a unique position to provide a second website for the same client, GeoNorth developed Team Up World (www.teamupworld.com <http://www.teamupworld.com> ).  Team Up World is an online marketing tool designed to bring business owners together via a referral network.  The service focuses on establishing relationships with business-minded people in the top 10% of their industry.  The Team Up World website is yet another example of how quickly a simple, yet visually appealing and functional site can be developed and deployed using the Drupal Content Management System.  GeoNorth was able to create this site in less than a day by reusing the theme (with minor modifications) from the client’s existing site, All Dream Properties Real Estate.   

GeoNorth was able to fulfill the client’s needs for both sites again by deploying the Drupal CMS as a preferred solution.  Drupal continues to be a solution-of-choice for GeoNorth because it provides a powerful, scalable, low cost/high value, easy-to-use solution to manage and grow an Internet presence.   

GeoNorth, LLC, established in 1994 and located at 1000 O'Malley, is an Information Technology solutions provider specializing in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Database Management, and Web Design and Development applications  The company also has a second location in Portland, Oregon.  For more information, please visit us at www.geonorth.com <http://www.geonorth.com/> , or by searching 'GeoNorth' on Facebook.  Bob Johnson, Sales and Marketing Manager, may be reached directly by calling (907) 646-4535.  Jarod Bishop in our Portland Sales office, can be reached directly at (907) 646-3264.  
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