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Fisherman with Hope: More and more Fisherman looking into Wind Technologies after another oil disaster


Last year Alaskan Wind Industries installed a wind turbine for a small commercial fishing company that was impacted by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. In return the company used some of the monies received from the Exxon settlement to install the Turbine and with help from Alaskan Wind Industries the business received a grant from the USDA to cover 25% of the entire project costs as well. This year the operators of a Nikiski set net site installed an even larger wind turbine. The turbine is a 6kW Proven Energy, now sold & installed exclusively in the Kenai Peninsula by Alaskan Wind Industries, the unit weighs in at a whopping 1300lbs, and is capable of generating over 100kW a day when winds are blowing favorably and the turbine is sited correctly by AKWI. These units may be installed either Black or White blades by Alaskan Wind Industries depending on the

Click on Image for Larger Size 6kW Proven in Nikiski AK

temperatures in the general location, city codes and aesthetics. The Palm's turbine in Nikiski sits on a 49' hinged monopole and is now connected to the local power grid, with the assistance of HEA. The Palms are the newest business owners in 2010 to take advantage of the 25% USDA grant that is specifically written for renewable energy technologies by AKWI's grant team. The fishery owners also used funds that the business received from the Exxon, Valdez settlement to undertake the project along with the 30% Us Treasury tax rebate.

With Alaska's recent adoption of net metering standards, the business is looking forward to reducing their energy costs and consumption dramatically. "Installing a wind generator tends to make the owners a little more cognizant of their energy use. They tend to change power hungry habits and appliances, as the wind turbine puts a face to the power that they are actually using." states Nadia Daggett an installer for Alaskan Wind Industries and the only woman certified to install Proven Energy wind turbines in Alaska.

This is the second Proven Energy turbine installed in the Nikiski area, the first was installed last year at an employee of BP home residence, Alaskan Wind Industries also completed the construction and integrated that turbine into the local grid with the assistance of HEA.

The Palm's named the turbine site Palm Beach, and have been recording wind data at the site for over 2 years now. Although the turbine sits quite a bit higher than the anemometer's that are recording the wind speed, Gene Palm is on his second Anemometer due to the heavy winter winds wearing his last Anemometer out.

Alaskan Wind Industries, as the certified installer and dealer for the Proven Energy wind turbines has contracts to install these robust units all throughout Alaska in the next few years. With these turbines tested and proven in Antarctic's heavy winds over 200mph and extreme low temperatures, AKWI looks forward to seeing these turbines in many remote locations throughout Alaska.


If you would like to see this turbine in action, or would like information on this unit or other wind turbines that might suit your site specific conditions please contact Alaskan Wind Industries at 907-776-7664 or visit their website at www.akwindindustries.com.
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