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Fire Crews Continue to Make Progress on the Groundhog Bay Fire


For immediate release: June 8, 2010

Juneau, AK— Clear weather conditions around the Hoonah area today allowed Forest Service and State firefighters to make good progress on the Groundhog Bay Fire. The 10-acre fire continues to smolder with isolated pockets of burning fuels.

Concentrations of dry fuels and snags throughout the area continue to present a challenge for firefighters. These dry fuels are easily ignitable, and standing dead trees can present a safety hazard to firefighters and can cause spot fires outside of the controlled area.

Fellers are clearing snags away from the eastern and northern flanks to create safer working conditions for crews.

There are 40 firefighters currently on the ground working to control the fire.

Cloudy conditions overnight should help to maintain the fire’s current size.
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