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Begich Comments on Senate’s Defeat of Effort to Strip Air Pollution Regulation


U.S. Sen. Mark Begich today issued this statement following the U.S. Senate's action to take up a resolution designed to strip the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to regulate air pollution under the Clean Air Act. The Senate failed to approve a motion to proceed to the resolution. Begich voted against the motion.

"It is time for Congress to face up to this serious issue, not stick our heads in the sand and deny the irrefutable science. Alaskans are fed up with the political games being played in Washington rather than dealing with the tough issues directly. Taking action now will make our economy and national security stronger.

"I believe a significant part of the answer is a comprehensive national energy policy. It should recognize that our country needs to produce at home more oil and gas to fuel our economy as we make the transition to renewable energy sources and greater conservation. For Alaska, it will help bolster the market for our natural gas and move remote communities toward reliable, affordable fuel sources. The only way to get Congress to pass such a national energy policy is hold our feet to the fire, not let us off the hook with this resolution.

"I'll continue my efforts to push for national energy legislation that recognizes Alaska's vital role as America's energy storehouse, with responsibly produced oil and clean-burning natural gas. This will address the role of EPA in the larger context of an energy policy."
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