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Army Corps of Engineers Receives Two National Planning Awards


ANCHORAGE -- The Alaska District has received two U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers national planning water resources awards. Lisa Rabbe, a plan
formulator in the Civil Works Branch of Engineering Division, received the
national Planning Excellence Award and the Alaska Baseline Erosion team led
by Bruce Sexauer and Melanie Harrop received the Outstanding Planning
Achievement Award.
Rabbe led an interagency and academic team to design sustainable water
resources for the Missouri River floodplain. The study combined traditional
ecosystem techniques with community-based landscape methodologies. The team
identified, prioritized, and selected restoration and preservation sites
within the river system. She was recognized for her ability to evaluate and
integrate input from a wide array of stakeholders. She currently manages the
Matanuska Watershed study, covering an area the size of West Virginia, and
Eklutna Watershed studies for the Alaska District.
The Alaska Baseline Erosion team collaborated with all Alaska villages,
tribes, and associated agencies to produce the first comprehensive assessment
of ongoing and potential erosion in every Alaska community. The team used
historical analysis of erosion rates, telephone interviews with knowledgeable
residents and site visits to predict erosion boundaries for the next 10, 20,
and 30 years in each community. The team compiled a report that prioritized
the risks of each community into one of three action categories which enabled
local, state, and federal agencies to focus their efforts on communities that
need urgent action. The report is posted on the Alaska District website at

For more information about the Corps of Engineers' Alaska District, visit our
web site at: http://www.poa.usace.army.mil.
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