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2nd Amendment Rights Restoration Bill Signed Into Law - Ramras's HB 408


Ramras’s HB 408 aligns with federal law, addresses Supreme Court test

Tuesday, June 22, 2010, Palmer, Alaska – House Judiciary Committee Chair Jay Ramras, R-Fairbanks, released the following statement today regarding the signing of House Bill 408. The governor signed the bill today at a ceremony held at the Matanuska Valley Sportsmen’s Range near Palmer. HB 408 brings Alaska law in alignment with federal law in restoring complete gun rights to felons so long as they were not convicted of crimes against a person. Felons convicted on non-violent offenses are allowed to carry long-guns as soon as they receive an unconditional discharge, and also can have partial rights restored by receiving a pardon, suspended sentence, or by the passage of 10 years from the time of their unconditional discharge. HB 408 eases state restrictions, allowing full restoration of rights to persons who have proved to be rehabilitated. The US. Supreme Court ruled, in Caron v. U.S., that 2nd Amendment rights restoration must pass an “all-or-nothing” test: state and federal restoration laws must be the same. The bill takes effect Sept. 19.


“HB 408, the restoration of second amendment rights bill, is good example of policy trumping politics. Those Alaskans who’ve rehabilitated themselves and moved on to live good lives will soon have their right to keep and bear arms restored. We are bringing an alignment to Alaska law, matching federal law, to comply with the Supreme Court’s all-or-nothing test, and relieving the burden and stigma for some who choose to protect their homes or hunt. Gun ownership is a way of life in many areas of the state and 50 and 60-year old Alaskans who live in the Bush face life-or-death circumstances simply because of where they live. Alaskans who have been convicted of non-violent felonies but have had most of their rights restored deserve the right to protect themselves.”

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