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July 2018

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About the Cover: August 2018

Matson has been operating in Alaska since it acquired Horizon Lines’ Alaska assets in 2015; including that and the acquisition of Span Alaska, the transportation company has invested more than $650 million in people, equipment, and infrastructure in the 49th State over the last three years.

Marine Insurance Germane to Multiple Industries

Marine insurance is a broad term with meaning and coverage areas that have significantly evolved over the years.

How Healthcare Providers Protect Patient Data

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations handle massive amounts of sensitive information, making effective data backup critical to their operations. In fact, healthcare industry professionals say data backup is not only the key to safeguarding confidential patient information but it’s necessary to their survival.

Evolving Envelopes

InsulStone, developed in 2007 by ICAP-USA, is a four-step insulation stone and porcelain panel exterior siding system designed to eliminate installation time and provide greater energy efficiency.

Alaska’s Hospitality Recruitment Challenge

For those in need of work, Alaska’s summer season is abundant with hospitality- and tourism-related jobs, but there is one major hitch, most of these positions are seasonal, lasting just about four months.

Alaska Nonprofits Fight for Fair Pay, Offer Training

Women make up 48 percent of Alaska’s workforce, and the state’s economy depends on their successes. Yet women often face challenges when it comes to finding the resources they need to start or advance in business and are still fighting to earn the same wages men make for doing the same job.

CDLs Fly South for Shift Work

Demand for qualified truck drivers in the Lower 48 has been so strong in recent years that some of the big national trucking companies have come to Alaska to look for labor.

Eat, Shop, Play, Stay: July 2018

Alaska’s lodging options run the gamut from free public cabins to resorts and high-end hotels. The state’s wilderness lodges provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for those interested in experiencing the Last Frontier in luxury.

Marketing on the Move

With an estimated three billion social media users worldwide, an increased focus on digital marketing is undoubtedly warranted—but what has become of more traditional techniques such as vehicle wraps?

Permit Migration and a Graying Fleet

Alaska’s Wildlife Rehab Centers

In order to provide a way for people to learn more about the state’s animals, as well as to give orphaned or injured creatures a second chance, a number of rescue and rehabilitations centers serve the dual mission of saving wildlife while educating the public about their care.

Conscious (and Cautious) of Cryptocurrency

Simply put: Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital record created and stored electronically in a “blockchain,” a distributed database that keeps a permanent record of digital transactions, according to the Alaska Division of Banking and Securities, a division of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

About the Cover

On the July 2018 cover we are especially thrilled to share the work of local Lindsey Neidlinger, as Alaskan artists and designers form a vital thread in the fabric of the state’s economy.

Marine Salvage

Despite what many may think, the Alaska marine salvage industry's primary goal—outside of ensuring the safety of people—is to protect the environment. Salvaging actual cargo is a much lower priority than safeguarding Alaska’s many sensitive and important marine ecosystems.

Oil & Gas Legislative Update

For the past several months things have been looking up in Alaska’s oil patch. Oil prices are edging up, announcements of big discoveries keep coming, and favorable state and federal legislation bode well for the immediate and long-term future of Alaska’s oil and gas industry.

Celebrating a Job Well-Done

Deciding what to focus on for this month’s Letter From the Editor was simple. It’s all about the best of Alaska. From our incredible cover to finally revealing the Best of Alaska Business award winners starting on page 32, this issue is a wealth of celebration and information.

Announcing the Best of Alaska Business Awards

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