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Treadwell Unveils Inventive Alaskans Book Northern Innovators: Alaskans Find a Way


July 30, 2014, Anchorage, AK – Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell unveiled a book, Northern Innovators: Alaskans Find a Way, during yesterday’s downtown Rotary meeting. He was joined by Ned Rozell, the book’s author, and Mark Myers, Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

The book includes 20 profiles of inventive Alaskans and is a companion to a report by the Alaska State Committee on Research (SCoR), To Build a Fire, written by committee co-chairs Treadwell and Dana Thomas.

“Innovation is a part of Alaska’s heritage and a major economic driver,” Treadwell said. “From Wi-Fi to packrafts to snow bikes, Alaska is a proving-ground for new technology.

“Our economic future depends on our resources, our strategic location, but most of all that resource between our ears – Alaskan ingenuity. This book helps Alaskans know we have a great tradition of innovation, and the state’s new research plan is geared toward harnessing innovation and knowledge.”

In 2002, with SJR 44, the Alaska Legislature asked the 15-member SCoR to create a statewide research and development plan. As the committee updated the plan this year, its goal was to explore ways in which research and development could benefit sectors of government, academia, business, and nonprofit organizations.

Priority research areas detailed in the report include resource extraction, energy solutions, human health, education, transportation, and communications. After identifying science and technology “game-changers” for Alaska’s economy, the committee created a list of policy proposals. The final report, To Build a Fire, was approved by the University of Alaska’s Board of Regents on Feb. 21, and helped the university win a research capacity building grant from the National Science Foundation worth more than $20 million.

Northern Innovators: Alaskans Find a Way is available on Amazon.com

To Build a Fire is available online


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