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MacKinnon Marine Introduces a New Type of Personal Watercraft With a Public Celebration and Demo Rides at Wasilla Lake


Anchorage, Alaska – For the first time ever, search and rescue agencies and outdoor enthusiasts alike, will have the ability to travel through waterways that no other watercraft has ever been able to go before with the introduction of a new type of personal watercraft called the AlumaSki. Mackinnon Marine Technologies, an Alaska-based and owned company, has just launched the AlumaSki, an industry leader through its unique engineering that allows the machine to operate in water as shallow as two inches, reach speeds of 55 miles per hour, carry 500 pounds of weight in addition to three riders, and is essentially an indestructible all-aquatic vehicle crafted out of 100% marine-grade aluminum, allowing unparalleled access for search and rescue response, hunting, fishing, and working.

President and Founder Brian McKinnon believes the technology and versatility of the AlumaSki will revolutionize the personal watercraft industry forever. “With the launch of the AlumaSki, MacKinnon Marine has an opportunity to make a significant breakthrough in several different areas including search and rescue response organizations and the sports industry. We are excited to share the AlumaSki with the public and let folks experience this new technology first-hand. We proudly stand behind a product that is fuel efficient, intelligent and versatile for a multiple types of users.”
To celebrate the official launch and public introduction of the AlumaSki, MacKinnon Marine is holding an AlumaSki Premier Party & Demo Day on Saturday, July 12th from 10am to 5pm, at Wasilla Lake, North Shore Ale House. The public is invited to check out the transformation and progression of AlumaSki's three prototypes that have evolved over the last 2 ½ years. Prototype # 3 (for sale to the public) will be available for test-driving. There will be helmets and life jackets (PFD's) on site and required to wear for driving/riding. No drinking and driving.

About MacKinnon Marine
MacKinnon Marine Technologies, Inc. is local Alaska company which engineered and constructs the AlumaSki in Anchorage, Alaska. The AlumaSki is the world’s first aluminum sport/utility ruggedized personal watercraft and aquatic ATV that can operate in almost any type of waterway. All four Military branches, search and rescue, the fire department, and many other organizations will be utilizing this versatile machine. AlumaSkis are currently being sold at Marita Sea and Ski (http://www.alaskapowersports.com/showcaseproductdetail.htm?id=-497413) in Anchorage and online orders will be available with the launch of AlumaSki.com (http://www.alumaski.com) later this summer.
Mackinnon Marine business competitions
3rd - Alaska Business Plan Competition (2013)
2nd - Arctic Innovation Competition (2013)
2nd - Dream Big America Competition (2013)

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