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Begich Bill Takes Steps to Spur Renewable Marine Energy and Create Jobs in Alaska


Bill Will Improve Access to Vital Government Data for Renewable Energy Projects

U.S. Senator Mark Begich today introduced the Renewable Energy Environmental Research Act of 2014. It would make scientific research the federal government has performed more accessible to those interested in developing renewable energy projects, particularly marine energy.

“With the nation’s highest energy cost per capita and most extensive coastline, Alaska stands to benefit significantly from investments in marine renewable energy,” Begich said. “Renewables have huge potential for lowering energy costs in Alaska.”

The bill directs the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to implement a research program designed to collect, monitor, and distribute environmental data to assist in the development of renewable energy, particularly related to ocean energy. Examples of the type of information made available would be tidal data for use in choosing locations for wave energy infrastructure or wind data for siting wind turbines.

“In addition to creating jobs, by allowing access to government data to Alaskans who can use it, this bill would help speed development of clean, local, and low-cost energy,” Begich said. “Improving NOAA’s ability to provide the observations, forecasts, and climate information tailored to the needs of the renewable energy industry will promote growth of this sector, increase the nation’s energy security, and grow jobs.”

For more information on Begich’s work on energy issues visit his Senate website.

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