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BSNC subsidiary Iyabak contracted for seismic upgrades at Kodiak Coast Guard base


(Anchorage, Alaska)- Iyabak Construction, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC), was awarded a $3.1 million contract for seismic upgrades to Building 576 on Kodiak’s U.S. Coast Guard Base. The project includes a new generator and electrical system, partial concrete encasement of the building and a retrofit of a new clean agent fire suppression system in two rooms containing microwave satellite equipment and IT equipment.

“We are pleased to continue our work with the U.S. Coast Guard at Kodiak,” said Iyabak President Bill Mendenhall. “Through our sister company, Kodiak Support Services, BSNC has maintained excellent eight-year-long work history with Kodiak’s Integrated Support Command. This project further expands Iyabak’s ability to support the Coast Guard’s mission in Alaska.”

Iyabak is a licensed engineering and general construction firm providing design-build and construction management services in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Iyabak’s project manager for the project is Jeff Zweifel. Zweifel has been with Iyabak for two years and has worked on several complex projects throughout Alaska.

BSNC is an Alaska Native Corporation that was established by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. It is owned by more than 7,100 Alaska Native shareholders and actively pursues responsible development of resources and other business opportunities. Through its subsidiaries, BSNC serves the federal government and commercial customers throughout the Bering Strait region, Alaska, the United States and the world.

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