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ALASKA CHAMBER | Bits You May Have Missed About Getting Out the Vote!


Bits You May Have Missed

Civic Health 101 - Make it fun!

During yesterday's Business Bites lunch series, members explored fun ways to encourage civic participation among their employees.  

For those who missed it, below are the highlights, key takeaways and Get Out The Vote activities you can deploy right now! 

The Highlights
  • Research show that workers want information from their employers about issues and elections.
  • Voter registration can be fun and easy  
  • Three areas you can make an impact:
    1. Voter Registration
    2. Absentee Ballots
    3. Get Out The Vote Drives 
  •  Important Dates
    • July 20 - Registration deadline for next election (August 19).
    • August 4 - Early and in-person absentee, special needs and by-electronic-transmission voting begin
    • August 9 - Absentee-by-mail application deadline
    • August 18, 5 p.m. - Absentee-by-electronic-transmission application
    • August 16-19 - At Prudhoe Bay, ballots for all 40 districts will be available from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. at Service Area 10 Camp on Old Spine Road 
  • Register to vote links: 

Key Takeaway
In Alaska, it's not unusual for a single vote to decide an election - make getting out the vote fun and easy!   

 Get Out The Vote Activities
  • Include a voter registration drive as part of company events, e.g. company picnic, in-house seminars, etc.
  • Provide voter registration form to new employees via onboarding packets  
  • Remind employees about voting day thru email or posters  
  • Provide time to vote during the workday
  • Have employee groups compete for highest "I Voted" percentage 
  • Host ice cream social for "I Voted" staff 

Request tools here

Thank You
Thank you to Jeanine St. John from Lynden and Tom Maloney from CH2MHill for sharing your presentation experiences!

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