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Privacy vs Security - Murkowski Morning Meeting, 7/31/2013


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

U.S. Senate Events 

Privacy vs. Security – Striking a Balance

Alaskan Impact: Alaskans and Americans are wary of the National Security Agency’s tracking of Internet records and phone logs – with nearly three quarters of Americans polled saying it “intrudes on citizens’ rights without clear improvements in U.S. security.”  Senator Murkowski has advocated for more than a decade that Congress rethink surveillance methods to better maintain and protect civil liberties.  Earlier today, one Republican Senator echoed Senator Murkowski’s concerns about the low standard of ‘relevance’ that agencies must prove when getting searches approved.

5:00am AKDT

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

Topic: "Strengthening Privacy Rights and National Security: Oversight of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Surveillance Programs."

Testimony from:

  • Deputy Attorney General James Cole
  • John Inglis, Deputy Director of the National Security Agency
  • Sean Joyce, Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Senator Lee (R-UT): Relevance is difficult to define, but important to discuss and debate.

Improving Medical Care for Alaska Natives

Alaskan Impact: Alaskan health care needs are on the rise, and Senator Murkowski has supported efforts to improve conditions statewide – whether for veterans care close to home , pushing for a better solution to health care costs or Alaska Native medical care.  Last December, Murkowski successfully shepherded a federal land transfer for the Maniilaq Association to improve health care delivery in Kotzebue.  Today, the Senate Indian Affairs Committee will consider a similar transfer for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.

10:30am AKDT

Senate Indian Affairs Committee Hearing

Topic: Full committee hearing on Land Conveyance Bills

Testimony from:

  • Robert McSwain, Indian Health Service, Health and Human Services Department
  • Andy Tueber, Chairman of the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  • Sarah Harris, Chief of Staff to Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, Interior Dept
  • Karen Diver, Chairwoman of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

Watch the meeting LIVE online: indian.senate.gov

U.S. House Events 

Cracking Down on TSA Misconduct

Alaskan Impact: Alaskans are frequently uncomfortable with the Transportation Security Administration’s approach. New, disturbing numbers show TSA misconduct rose a whopping 26% over the last three years.  Sen. Murkowski has asked the TSA tough questions about its policies in the past, saying many just don’t work in Alaska.  Today, the House examines why the TSA misconduct is happening, and looking at ways to curb it.  

6:00am AKDT

House Homeland Security Committee Hearing

Topic: Oversight and Management Subcommittee and Transportation Security Subcommittee hearing on "TSA Integrity Challenges: Examining Misconduct by Airport Security Personnel."

Testimony from:

  • John Halinski, Deputy Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration
  • Stephen Lord, Director of Forensic Audits and Investigative Services in the Government Accountability Office

Watch the recorded hearing online: homeland.house.gov

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