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Murkowski Continues Pushback Against Flawed Health Care Bill Through Appropriations Committee Votes


Senator Votes to Defund Employer Mandate for 2014 Fiscal Year, Pursues Permanent Delay

WASHINGTON, DC — With structural flaws, skyrocketing health care costs, cratering public support, and former Congressional supporters calling it a “train wreck” – in addition to a $684 million federally-funded advertising campaign scheduled for this fall selling the policy to Americans – Senator Lisa Murkowski today continued to support efforts to block the most controversial components of the Affordable Care Act. (ACA)

The Appropriations Committee took up the FY 2014 Financial Services/General Government appropriations bill, which funds enforcement of the ACA by the Internal Revenue Service, and also held votes on several amendments that were health care-related. Though the below amendments did not pass due to Majority opposition, Murkowski did cast votes to:

  • Defund the employer mandate –Murkowski voted against spending federal funds to require employers to provide health coverage, and was disappointed the amendment was not adopted since the administration has sought a one-year delay.
  • Defund the individual mandate – Murkowski voted against spending federal funds to require all Americans to purchase insurance, a key component that the Supreme Court deemed a tax last June.

<>·Define “Full-time” As Forty Hours – With millions of Americans facing a cut in hours because the ACA considers 30 hours as ‘full-time’ and the trigger for the employer mandate, Murkowski voted to define full-time as forty hours to protect American workers.

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