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Competitive bidding begins for woody biomass timber sale in Tok area


(Fairbanks, Alaska) – The Alaska Division of Forestry is seeking bids on a competitive timber sale that is intended to help reduce the risk from wildland fire to the community of Tok while fostering local economic opportunities in energy production and/or wood products manufacturing


The Division of Forestry is offering for sale approximately 700 to 900 acres of woody biomass a year for a contract period of 25 years. A large proportion of the trees in the proposed sale area are small-diameter black spruce. The harvesting of up to 35,000 green tons of woody biomass a year in areas of extremely fire-prone forest adjacent to Tok will reduce wildland fire risk and improve community safety.


Earlier this year, the Division of Forestry adopted a Best Interest Finding for holding a long-term timber sale for woody biomass utilization in the Tok area. Businesses in the area have expressed interest in utilizing this lower-value timber for wood-energy purposes to produce power and heat. This competitive sale offering is the next step in the timber sale process.


To qualify for bidding, all bidders must submit a copy of their current Alaska business license prior to the bid opening. The business license copy may accompany the sealed bid. Sealed bids, submitted in duplicate, will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. prevailing time on August 20. The bids must be entered onto the forms provided by the Division of Forestry, marked on the outside with the timber sale name and number, and addressed to Tok Area Office, Alaska Division of Forestry, P.O. Box 10, Tok, AK 99780. Sealed bids may also be presented in person to the Tok Area Forester before the bid opening.


If you have questions about the sale or would like to view the sale prospectus and contract, please go to http://forestry.alaska.gov/timber/tok.htm#fiveyear or contact Jeff Hermanns, Tok Area Forester, at 907-883-1400.

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