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Tax Reform Key for Economic Growth And to Help Reduce National Debt


This week the Senate majority continues to work to create jobs and keep our economy moving by restructuring the tax system. Tax reform is a key component to reducing our debt and our deficit, so I’m working across political parties to find a way to do this fairly. To get our nation back on track, we need everyone to do their part. The wealthiest people in our country still get the biggest tax breaks, and we can’t afford to keep giving those cuts to those who need them the least.

Last week, I was disappointed to see the DISCLOSE Act fail. The bill would have shed light on campaign spending by requiring disclosure of organizations and individuals who fund political activities. I’m concerned about secret outside money influencing the election process in Alaska, and I think we all deserve to know who is behind the negative ads we all see too frequently. I am hopeful this issue will come up again, and more of my colleagues will see the value of transparency and accountability in election spending.

It was refreshing to spend a few days at home in Alaska over the weekend. I had a great tour of the Blood Bank of Alaska in Anchorage and heard about the exciting plans for expansion. As always, Alaskans are forward-thinking, looking for ways to support the economy and take better care of our residents.

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Senator Mark Begich

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