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Senator Tom Wagoner Requests Cook Inlet Chinook Salmon Declared Fishery Disaster


KENAI- This year’s King salmon run is extremely meager, causing drastic economic hardships for businesses and families on the Peninsula.

There is no argument that our Chinook run is hurting, it is everywhere in the state.  When king fishing was restricted it was understandable.  When the Department of Fish and Game gave the order that sport fishers and those taking part in the personal use fishery could not take Kings that was understandable too.

The guided sports fishermen had hundreds of clients cancel due to the lack of Kings.  This was a loss of income for the guides, B&B’s, restaurants and many other businesses in our community.  

On July 17th the Department completely closed the East Side Set Net Fishery. 

Other fisheries are benefiting from the strong red salmon run the Cook Inlet is experiencing this year.  Catch limits have been increased, fishing time has been expanded; trying to keep too many reds from coming up the river causing over escapement. 

The east side set netters are still unable to take part in the strong sockeye salmon run because of the low Chinook salmon numbers. 

On July 25th Senator Wagoner asked Governor Parnell to request a fishery disaster declaration for the 2012 Cook Inlet Chinook Salmon run.

To read a copy of the letter, please click here.

For more information, contact Mary Jackson in Senator Wagoner’s office at (907) 283-7996.

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