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Senator Mark Begich to Visit Blood Bank of Alaska


ANCHORAGE, Alaska – U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) is scheduled to visit Blood Bank of Alaska on Friday, July 20. Senator Begich will tour the Main Anchorage Center, 4000 Laurel Street, at 3 p.m. today. He will also learn about the new Blood Bank of Alaska facility which is in the final planning stages. Media is invited to attend.

Blood Bank of Alaska’s Main Anchorage Center on Laurel Street was built in 1981 with state funding. Blood Bank of Alaska collects blood and manufactures blood products for distribution to 20 hospitals across the state. To expand services and meet demand for blood products, Blood Bank of Alaska operates from four office buildings in Anchorage, Alaska. A new, consolidated facility will improve Blood Bank of Alaska’s ability to provide for hospitals and medical centers in the Last Frontier.

With a new, larger facility, Blood Bank of Alaska can expand their services and better help patients from Barrow to Sitka. The building will allow Blood Bank of Alaska to grow with hospitals and medical centers in the state, letting more patients to remain in Alaska for treatment. A new building will enhance the donation experience for Alaska’s dedicated blood donors.

Blood Bank of Alaska is a strategic part of Alaska’s emergency response infrastructure. They help people in emergencies, large and small, from car accidents to natural disasters. Blood Bank of Alaska works actively with Alaska emergency preparedness entities to ensure a safe blood supply will be provided in the event of a disaster. The new building will meet essential facility requirements and better serve the state during emergencies.

Blood Bank of Alaska is honored to show Senator Mark Begich our current facility and to discuss future plans so that Blood Bank of Alaska can continue to help Alaska patients in need.

Proposed Itinerary for July 20

3:00 Tour of the Facility – Laura Carpenter, Blood Bank of Alaska Director of Communications

3:15 Opening Remarks and Introductions – Dr. Thomas Mego, Chair of Blood Bank of Alaska Board of Directors

3:20 Project Update on New Blood Bank of Alaska Facility – Tom Livingston of Livingston Slone Architects and Mark Fineman of Cook Inlet Housing Authority

3:30 Questions & Answers

3:40 Concluding Remarks – Dr. Mego

Alaska’s Blood Supply

Alaska’s blood supply is critical for O Positive blood type. Type O Positive donors should donate as soon as possible. Alaska patients also especially need O Negative and A Positive donors to give. All donors should make appointments to donate to ensure a sufficient blood supply. To meet ongoing patient needs, Blood Bank of Alaska must see 700 blood donors each week. More donors are needed. Donors should call (907) 222-5630 to schedule a convenient time to give. Call (907) 456-5645 in the Fairbanks area.


Blood Bank of Alaska supplies blood to 20 Alaska hospitals and medical centers. Blood Bank of Alaska and its donors are dedicated to serving the Alaska community by providing high quality blood products and related laboratory services while meeting changing healthcare needs. Learn more at www.bloodbankofalaska.org

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