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[Research Matters] Energizing Alaska: Electricity Around the State


Research Matters No. 62.  Energizing Alaska: Electricity Around the State
July 16, 2012
Two new publications by Ginny Fay and Alejandra Villalobos Melendez of ISER provide the big picture of electricity around Alaska: how it's generated, how much fuel is used to produce it, how fuel sources have shifted over time, and how prices vary from place to place. Both publications are based on Alaska Energy Statistics, annual reports the authors have done for the Alaska Energy Authority since 2008. 
 Alaska Energy Statistics 1960 – 2010 is the most recent update on electric power in Alaska. It provides detail, by utility, on installed electric capacity, fuel use and cost, generation by fuel type, and sales and revenues of utilities. Digital data tables are available on the ISER website at   http://iser.uaa.alaska.edu/Publications/2012_06-AlaskaEnergyStatisticsCY2010Tables.xlsx and also on the AEA website.
A summary  publication, Energizing Alaska, describes electricity around the state but also looks more broadly at energy sources.  It includes:
• A map showing how individual communities throughout Alaska generate electricity
• An estimate of all types of energy produced and consumed in Alaska and for what purposes
• A look at changes over time in the prices and amounts of energy Alaskans use
If you have questions, please get in touch with Ginny Fay, assistant professor of economics, at vfay@alaska.edu, or Alejandra Villalobos Melendez, research associate, at avillalobos@alaska.edu.

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